Successful online marketing in many ways can be likened to a face. There is the face itself …and each of the primary features, the mouth, the eyes, the ears and the nose all play a critical role as a part of your online presence. Let’s look at it as a fun way to remember to include the most critical elements in your online marketing strategy. So what is the face of successful online marketing?

The Face itself – The face of your business is undoubtedly your website. It’s the home base that belongs to you, where your intellectual property of blogs and articles remains forever, where you tell people how you help them, why they should use you and what you have to offer them. A well written, well structured and competently hosted website is the first and foremost feature of any online presence – don’t scrimp on this – make it a good one.

The Mouth – Part of creating this beautiful face is the inclusion of a great mouth. The internet is a maze, your website a needle in a haystack. It needs to stand out – and you do that by giving your face a voice. Engage with people through social media, digital marketing and creating good blogs and articles that give your customers free advice, thereby endearing them to you …and you subsequently capturing new clients without selling!

The Eyes – How do you make sure what you have to offer is what people want? You need to ‘see’ what’s happening in the market place. Don’t think you can just throw out marketing messages without looking at what people are asking for. Know your target market and engage by seeing what others are doing. U-tube and Instagram are massively successful and influential visual mediums. Check them out! If necessary, seek advice and help from social media marketing experts who are always aware of trends and who’s doing what!

The Ears – There is a famous quote – “You have two ears and only one mouth – use them proportionately!” Listen to what’s going on. What are the influencers talking about? We live in an age when some sections of the population can only be sold to by these online ‘influencers,’ so try to become one of them. Engage with other bloggers and do regular blogging and social media posting at least on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Nose – Most importantly, don’t do all this without even a ‘sniff’ of what your progress is – It’s really important that you have not only a structured, but measurable Digital media marketing strategy. Using various tools, your daily success rate can be measured by these experts. Excuse the pun, but you need to ‘nose’ what’s happening in with your marketing!

Competent, hosting and digital marketing experts like PS Digital can ensure that this needle in a haystack that you create will come out and start pricking people. Contact us to find out how to turn the mediocre face of your brand into the face of successful online marketing!