Smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019 – part 1
Building a business is about building a brand so you need to have a great social media presence in 2019 – as this is the fastest growing marketing method in the world. As Digital and Social Media Marketing specialists we felt the most helpful thing we could do for our valued clients is give some really useful advice on how to do this in the coming year.
The advice given in these articles, to be presented in four parts, will give you several smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019 and with our help to create an overall marketing strategy, you really can make meaningful marketing inroads!

Create an online presence
You need to be seen to be heard. Having a good website and being present on social media platforms is absolutely essential. Don’t just throw mud at the wall to see what sticks though, get advice from good social media marketing specialists as to which platforms best suit your business and marketing strategy.

Create Content
Now you need to be engaging with your prospective clients or customers through this medium and this involves creating content. Content comes in various forms – i.e. written word, audio or visual so…

Write blogs and posts
The most common form of content on LinkedIn (the largest business to business platform) and Facebook at least, is the written word – or as it is described in Social Media terms ‘blogs’ and posts.
Blogs are articles that are helpful to your customers and educate them about your business – exactly like what you are reading right now – and social media ‘posts’ are small pieces you post to your online platforms – under 100 words usually – again giving advice or making them aware of what’s happening in your business.

Record a podcast
An audio version of a blog is a podcast. The narrator reads articles or posts and these are gaining in popularity as business to business tools as well. Using a voice makes potential clients feel they know you better as it is more personal.

Make a video
Rapidly growing platforms like U-tube and Instagram means that a vast number of your clients will be found here – and video, in particular live streaming, will be bigger than ever in 2019!

So make some Infographics – graphics with text – and if you can afford it, good videos. Keep the content short though and engaging. Periscope and Facebook live are also good platforms for this medium.

Engage the professionals
As professional Digital and Social Media Marketing experts PS Digital can help you to build this online presence by guiding you to the right platforms and creating a marketing strategy that will have you using the latest state of the art tools and devices to build better brand awareness in 2019 than ever before!
Contact us for more information and check out our website for a full listing of our services. Also watch this space to see how we can help you to help yourself with more smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019 – part 2