Are there smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019? This is the penultimate article in our four part series on helping you to find ways to build your business in the coming year. Social Media is unquestionably the fastest growing and most significant marketing method to gain presence online and make your brand stand out, but will you be using it effectively?
The advice given in these articles, will give you several smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019 – and with our help to create an overall marketing strategy – you really can make meaningful marketing inroads in the coming year!

Use good criticism!
We spoke in the last article about the importance of responding graciously to negative criticism and how it can turn a critic into a fan. By the same token, be sure to maximize on good criticism.
Respond immediately and offer thanks, or if you have an e-book or something valuable to give away, do so as a token of appreciation. Also be sure to publicize these accolades on your posts.

Blow your trumpet with case studies
Another trumpet blowing exercise is to compile blogs and posts – or videos if you have the cash – about case studies, where you have faced and overcome interesting challenges.
This is great testimony, but try to get your client’s buy in to mention their name. Most clients are happy for the mention on social media, if they were really happy with your service.

Keep your enemies close!
Use Google searches and other Digital Marketing methods (preferably conducted by Digital Marketing specialists) to find out what your opposition are saying about you – and Google your opposition to find out what they are offering.
It’s important to know what the competition is doing and even become a ‘connection’ on platforms like LinkedIn, just so you can keep abreast of their marketing offerings.

Be consistent – in all respects
Your contact information, website, e-mails, phone numbers etc. should always be shown on all blogs and posts and be consistent across the board. Even more importantly, be consistent in your marketing messages. Being consistent is one of the first rules of brand building.
It can be very confusing to those with whom you’re engaging if you are not consistent with your whole marketing campaign. It is a bit like having different logos and slogans on your business card and your letterhead.

Use keywords to your advantage
Work with your Social Media Marketing experts to establish keywords based on the words that your customers are reacting to. Once you have established what these keywords are, you can make sure they are used constantly in your blogs, posts and of course on your website.

Have an overall marketing strategy
In the same way a professional Digital and Social Media Marketing company like PS Digital can assist you to establish your keywords and find out what your opposition are doing and saying about you, we can also help you to build your brand through the many other tools and cutting edge marketing methods that we use every day.
Let us assist you to build your brand by creating an overall marketing strategy that includes all the ideas in this series of articles and so much more!
Contact us for more information and check out our website for a full listing of our services. Also watch this space to see how we can help you to help yourself with more smart online marketing moves to build your business in 2019 – part 4.