They say knowledge is power. This is never truer than when it comes to the marketing of your brand on social media. Your web hosting and digital marketing specialists can keep you well in the loop by advising you of the latest trends in media marketing and they generally do so by operating with some useful Google platforms that you yourself may want to visit from time to time. Knowing what’s up can keep you on top and your hosting company will always do that for you, but just as a matter for interest let’s take a look at a few of these Google platforms that keep the world constantly in the know!

Google trends – This is the biggie …and helps your marketing experts compare  keywords o see which have the highest volume and therefore know what are the better keywords for your business to be using at that particular time! It shows fascinating insights into the very latest things that are going on.

Wordtracker – Also appertaining to ‘keywords,’ is this excellent site that actually combines Google, Wordtracker, Amazon and U-tube to give a word tracking tool that reveals thousand of keywords that can be used with relevance to your site.

Google trends for websites – It’s so important for your marketing experts to know as many ways as possible to get more visibility for your website. This tells them what other websites your visitors are looking for and where they have been. Knowing what your potential clients are looking for can help you to get them coming to you!

Google trends hot searches – Once again – it’s about knowledge being power! Knowing of what the latest, hottest searches are, offers your web hosting experts possible opportunities for ranking and traffic.

TweetStats and Like button – These are Twitter and Facebook’s versions respectively of sites that give great stats and information about what is trending over these 2 powerful social media platforms. This is fabulous for helping you to know what is happening, so you too can engage on the most exciting and talked about things. The Facebook version also gives you more filtering options to narrow down what’s more relevant to your business.

We hope this article has given you some enlightening information on just a few of the Google platforms that can keep you right up with what’s going on, because knowing what’s up can keep you on top! Alternatively, you can just let us at PS Digital, though using this and many other useful tools, work out a social media and SEO strategy that will keep you trending right along with the best of them! Contact us to find out more and start today to experience our expertise!