Social media marketing as we all know, is a big game changer. If your business has an online presence, half the battle has been won. In this article we share a few ideas on how to improve your social media marketing.
Keywords and Key phrases
Keywords and phrases can be very helpful. If you want more customers to see and share your brand information, use keywords and phrases that can be associated with your brand, but also keywords and phrases customers use often.

Posting fresh meaningful content is a must
We as a species are always on the lookout for something new. We scroll past what is repeated or what we have read before, therefore the best way to keep audiences engaged, is fresh content. Try getting into a routine. Pick a day or date and on those days or dates post new fresh content. Just always be sure to make the content meaningful because using wishy washy type of content with no real meaning can cause your audience to move on to another brand.

Images and videos
Using high quality images and videos is a no brainer but it also matters when to use what. It can be good to use visual content that the customer can relate to, for example: if a certain type of image, video or phrase is popular, try something that can connect to that type of image, video or phrase. But be versatile, if you have a wide spectrum of customers, all ages and social statuses then using a little bit of everything can put you over the top in that department.

Be unique
Creating your own unique voice or signature is not easy. We are literally surrounded by content that borrows or shares. That is not a bad thing but having a little something extra that gives content, images or videos your own little twist is what will help you stand out. Try a few things out and see what works. Whether you choose a tagline, logo or writing style, use your creativity to make your content fresh but unique to you and your brand/business.

Be obvious
When it comes to advertising your product or service, make sure you don’t just mention the features but also what is in it for the consumer. At the end of the day people want to know exactly what they are in for. It might look strange but rather be obvious than lose potential customers.

Type it right
We all do it, we all have that weak moment we forget to check for typos and grammatical errors. It sounds silly but studies have shown that people are less likely to engage with a company, product or service if they have those pesky spelling and grammar errors on their ads or content. People tend to mistrust a product or service if the ones advertising it can’t spell. I don’t blame them, most people find it a bit worrying and would rather give it a pass than engage or buy your product or service.

Try Competitions
When you have a new product or service, try getting the word out with a competition. Make sure the prize is worth it and also speaks to your business. For instance, spread the word and you might win something, or create the best pic to use in our next ad.

Whatever you decide as long as you see things from the customer’s perspective, it should be a success.
At the end of the day, being professional, caring and passionate about your product or service is half the battle. Getting the advertising right is the other half. If you can get potential clients to see your vision, you won’t fail.