Online Jobs, as soon as we hear online jobs, we start to think of LinkedIn and Jobmail, but as we are about to explore, branding yourself on more than one network, can multiply your chances of finding a job immensely.

Social media platforms have become a very vital part of communication in South Africa and thus for job searching, creating your own individual brand networking online.

Competiveness in the job market has made using social platforms as a means of recruitment, a highly successful way to go.

The IOA report of 2017 states that over 60% of employers screen the candidates that are applying for a job using social media platforms; to determine if the candid behaves the same in private as in the work place. They also check to see if the job seeker will therefore fit in with the other employees and company culture. About 45% of employers check to learn more about their qualifications.

If you are using social media to seek out employment, here are a few tips to enhance your positive exposure on the platforms.

Do an audit of your profile:

Go to your profile and take a look at the information available, take stock of where you show up in social places, is your profile private or public, if you have a blog, when last have you uploaded a post and what did you post in the past. Does your profile and posts showcase your talents, interests, etc.? Consider what your post and profile say about you and what a person who does not know you will likely to view you when they take a look at you on social media.

Take action:

Making changes to what you post or what parts of your profile is private will go a long way. Try creating secondary accounts and start sharing posts that have relevance to the job you are seeking.

When to make contact:

When you are interested in a job or see someone talking about such an opportunity, feel them out before firing off a personal message. This may be considered rude and intrusive. So ask that specific person or company in the comments section and if they agree go to the more private messaging platforms. Keeping things professional will go a long way in the end.

Social media is a way to show that you are up to date with technology and also conveys more about you as a person, saying more than the average CV. So go out and get started on building a professional online profile.