Back in the last century there was a hit song called ‘Get your Mojo working!’ It was a fun song about how if you got a special thing in you working for you, you could have a better life.

The song of the 21st century should undoubtedly be ‘get your Emoji working!’ If you are embarking on, or have already established a social media marketing campaign, your expert digital marketing specialist knows that currently the effective use of Emoji on Facebook can increase your number of Likes by 57 percent, and comments and shares by 33 percent. Used in tweets they can increase engagement by 25% – So take it from us, it’s worth it to get your Emoji working – it pays!

Although you can – and generally do – leave this type of thing to your SM Managers we thought you might want to know some ways to use Emoji more effectively. We did some research on this subject and came up with 3 ‘Dos’ and 3 Don’ts’ that may help you when using Emoji.


  • Use Emoji to show you’re human – The timing of your message is critical of course, but you can use Emoji on Tweets and Instagram just the same as you use them on Facebook posts. Get creative, coming up with Emoji that represent your brand. An Emoji – if cleverly used, can in fact become part of a brand!


  • Create a custom Emoji! – OK this may not be something small business can afford, but if the general Emoji keyboards don’t do anything for your business, or you have a logo that has an Emoji look, it’s possible to get a custom made Emoji made – which of course really becomes a part of your brand – but in a far more powerful way. Talk to your Digital marketing specialists about it.


  • Use Emoji as a fun marketing tool – Emoji is such a great way to really engage with customers if they begin to recognise your ‘signature’ emoji with all your messaging. You can also use Emoji in competitions and games – like ‘recognise the Emoji’ to claim a discount – or when we’ve shown this set of Emoji and you recognise the sequence, you get a prize – or how about a Hairdresser that invites customers to add a scissors Emoji for a discount on their next cut? All these things can be fun and interactive!


  • Use the wrong Emoji! – If you use what you think is a cute hand signal for your trucking company – and it turns out that within social media circles it is a symbol for breakdowns – this is probably not a good idea. So the simple here rule is make sure you know your Emoji and don’t use something that is ineffective, or might even actually de detrimental! Once again advice, from a good Social media marketing company is free and probably wise.


  • Over use Emoji – Emoji that are over used, as in the example of cryptic message or codes are really not a good idea. People scratching their heads to figure out what your Emoji series of symbols is telling them, is not going to serve you well in the long term. Unless it’s used as a specific marketing tool for customers to win a prize when deciphering your message – rather avoid it!


  • Use inappropriate Emoji – When sending a message inviting a prospective client to a business meeting – a smiley face with a wink just may be totally inappropriate! When sending out marketing message be very aware of what is happening on social media and in the news before using Emoji that may backfire on you too. Try to avoid using what may be perfectly innocent Emoji with any subject that can be intertwined with race, religion or politics at any time. Remember that social media can be as damaging as it can be a blessing.

We hope this blog prompting you to ‘get your Emoji working – it pays!’ – has been helpful or at very least interesting reading. The best rule of thumb when trying to improve your online presence or sell your business though social media is to get the help and advice of competent digital and social media marketing people. We at PS digital are committed to building and hosting effective websites and creating marketing strategies that have measurable and successful results. Contact us to learn more and let’s start making your brand stand out from the crowd!