Social Media Traffic and how to get more is the what we will discuss in this article. As we start to spend more time online, making a mark in the online social media marketing community becomes harder each day, but fear not my friends, we have a few handy elements that you can use to help you make your voice heard, content shared and brand is trend.

Point out your social media accounts from your website
An easy way to broadcast your various social media accounts, is to have those links on your website. Try adding them prominently above the fold, so it’s hard to miss them.

Make sharing your content easy
Adding a “Share This” or “Share” button to any blog post, video, podcast or other interesting content is an easy way to get your content to a wider audience base on various social media platforms.

Enable comments to your posts
Enabling comments to your site is a great way to interact with your users. Just make sure your comment plug-in has a way to filter out spam, that way your comments doesn’t overflow with junk.

Create something people want to share
Ask yourself, have I created something worth sharing? Will people want to share this story, picture, video, blog, advertisement. Is it something my friends will like and then share? Creating something that is funny, thoughtful and meaningful is the best way to ensure it is shared by as many people as possible.

Choose hot topics
The topic you choose to use is important, you need to look for what is trending. Learn what your audience loves. Look at search numbers.

Word of mouth is a must
Word of mouth is and will always be one of the most valuable and trusted forms of marketing there is. People are skeptic to share content or product information when they receive it directly from the brands, but recommendations from friends or peers have a trust factor that will help spread the word about your website, blog, content, product or service.

Thank sharers
Take time to say thank you to the people who share your content. It might seem trivial but it does have an impact. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and it will help foster the relationship between you and the user/consumer in the long run.

In conclusion, when you create or write valuable and meaningful content, share it with your contacts, thank those who share, interact with those who comment, you will find your brand, product, service growing.