Marketing on Facebook in 2019, here is what to look forward to. So rapid are the changes in Digital and Social Media Marketing, that we at PS Digital need to be examining, researching and taking cognizance of trends in the months ahead so we can offer the best possible options and devise the most effective (and cost effective) strategies to all our clients.
Even if you are already entrusting us to handle your brand building on Social Media, we thought you may find it interesting to see what just some of the changes that Facebook will be making next year, as they are the premier Social Media Marketing platform and they greatly influence marketing trends on Instagram too.
Therefore let’s take a look at some changes that will affect Facebook marketing 2019 – and what to look forward to… We can’t cover them all in one article – so we have done a ‘Pick six’ of what will be the most significant!

Facebook stories shopping
Facebook have introduced the addition of product stickers to Facebook stories’ We have often encouraged using FS as a great way to engage – now pop up products with info and direct links to the advertiser’s mobile for purchasing will be and additional enhancement.

AR Ads
Augmented Reality or AR has taken the world by storm and promises to become more prominent on Facebook marketing too as they will soon have AR ads. Users will be able to interact with and SEE different products and experiences generated through reality camera effects in News Feed Ads! Calls to actions let users immediately open their cameras and interact with your product!

Playable Ads
Interactive video ads will allow users to try out and experience the user friendliness of an app before deciding to buy it. It is believed – and we agree, it will lead to better purchase intent and customer loyalty.

Facebook Stories Ads
What better way to sell your brand than through a great story? Maybe it is an exceptional customer experience or a case study of a job well done. Facebook Stories Ads are entirely new and will help create a more solid experience with users through the magic of story.

Facebook Page Recommendations
An update to the Facebook pages is one you might have already seen, but Facebook Page Reviews have been updated to include ‘Recommendations.’ Assuming you’re getting positive recommendations, this will indicate your customers’ experiences with your brand and increase your visibility in your local community!

Video Metrics Updates
One of Facebook’s measurement updates is the update of its video ad metrics to help you, the advertiser, to measure your actual video engagement. This more accurate user behavior gauge will allow you to maximize the creative aspect of your videos.

Engage Facebook experts
Part of our expertise as Digital and Social Media Marketing strategists is to be abreast of trends and changes happening on all platforms. If you have found this article on Facebook marketing 2019 – and what to look forward to enlightening and helpful in any way, then please contact us to devise a comprehensive, cost effective marketing strategy for your brand.
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