Since the announcement by Facebook Guru Mark Zuckerberg on the new algorithms in 2018, it has become much trickier to ensure your organic content gets the screen time it deserves. Zuckerberg says they essentially want to go back to what Facebook originally set out to do, which is ensure people engage in more ‘meaningful interactions.’

As a result, the new algorithm will prefer comments and shares over just likes and clicks, which if you think about it, is in line with ‘content marketing,’ which is all about actually engaging with others to build relationships online, as opposed to a lot of pretty meaningless winks and waves! Facebook wants people to actually have conversations with each other …and so is Facebook still a good way for business people to maximise their brand exposure?

Well, Facebook is still the largest social media network in the world, so the ‘old adage ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ comes into play and making its algorithm work for you is the key to a continued successful Facebook marketing strategy. You need to know essentially what the main factors are of the new algorithms …and how to make your interactions more ‘meaningful’ to give you more ‘quality time.’ Hence this article on ‘A handful of Facebook facts to face since the new algorithms kicked in!’

  • Make reactions more meaningful – When people take the choice to hit the ‘love’ icon as opposed to just the ‘like’ icon, your content gets a bit more of a boost in the news feed. Facebook now wants to see more ‘active’ reactions from people – so make your content ‘lovable’ as opposed to just ‘liked!’
  • ‘No comment’ means less distribution – Generally speaking when people don’t comment on a post you have created it is going to mean less distribution. Bland conversations between friends are not encouraged, but quality content sparking interaction between users, like when questions are asked, topics are interesting and they prompt general user comment, you will get better coverage!
  • Make it inspiring – Still on comments, the new algorithms actually not only favour comments but replies to them! Therefore conversation and content that inspires users to tag their friends in comments and start a conversation is favoured now.
  • The writing’s not on the wall! – It makes sense that you are rewarded now for not just posting to your wall, but to actually ‘message’ people – this means your conversation is more personalised and meaningful!
  • Don’t just share – get engaged! – Although ‘sharing’ a post is very interactive, Facebook now only prioritises a share in the algorithm if it is engaged on – so interactions all need to now go a step further.

So, it’s all about more meaningful interactions and if this engagement we have just had with you on ‘A handful of Facebook facts to face since the new algorithms kicked in!’ has helped or inspired you to create better content and a better marketing strategy, we at PS digital would love to help. Contact us and we can talk about your specific digital marketing requirements and make sure you are always being noticed no matter how or when they move the goal posts!