Are there reasons to keep marketing through December? A lot of businesses, SMEs in particular, make the mistake of pulling right back – or even totally pulling the plug – on their marketing in December. This is usually a result of the misconception that people, when on holiday, have already done their spending, or are away from their radios on the way to work and their TVs and newspapers etc.
Well, because Digital and Social Media Marketing are entirely different to traditional media, even if you follow this path of thinking, we thought it would be a good idea to strongly advise against this. Just in case you’re not convinced though, here are 5 solid reasons to keep marketing through December… at least on Digital and Social Media!

1) More activity than any other time
People may well be away from their radios and TV sets at least for a time, however they are very seldom away from their phones! Since most Social Media marketing is conducted through mobiles, this is an excellent time to get the attention of people with more leisure time. If anything there is more social media activity at this time than any other!

2) Its peak selling time for most products – and even services
Don’t be under the misapprehension that people don’t buy once they are on holiday – to the contrary, this is one of the busiest consumer products times. When people have more leisure time, they have more time to look for, asses and indulge in the buying of products, (apart from Christmas gifts) that they may not have had time to when busy.
Even services can be engaged at this time, particularly if you’re one of the businesses that is geared up to work through the holidays when others aren’t!

3) Capturing new clients whilst sipping champagne
Isn’t it great to know that this is the only time of the year that, if you have a well-managed Digital and SM marketing campaign, you can be getting the attention of the people you are trying to do business with whilst you’re off yachting or puffing on that well-earned Havana cigar!
With incredible digital automation tools like Chatbots, auto audio answering devices and sophisticated billing systems, it can be business as usual if you are simply correctly connected.

4) Get the jump on the new year stragglers
When others are struggling to recapture their awareness and slice of the income pie after the new year has begun, you will have maintained your online presence and still be building your brand throughout the holidays.

5) Making money through a well-managed strategy
The bottom line is this… you return refreshed and rested after your vacation and if you have put your December Digital and SM marketing strategy in the hands of PS Digital you have continued to make money and build brand awareness.
Contact us to immediately build your year-end strategy and make sure you are well prepared for a great 2019 campaign going forward. This could be your happiest and most profitable holidays yet!